[Trash-talk] Re: trash-talk weirdness

Adam i Agnieszka Gasiorowski FNORD agquarx@venus.ci.uw.edu.pl
Wed, 04 Dec 2002 11:52:38 +0100

Frank T. Rambøl wrote:

> > I think you actually can send HTML emails as well.. not that I am
> HTML and email should not be allowed to appear in the same sentence.

	I've seen someone's sig - sth like "Dealing with HTML is
 simple. Be gentle. Delete without reading, then kill the sender,
 his dog and family and burn his house down." ;8))).

> > actually able to produce them with TheBat but still.... mhmm
> And thank god for that! I have not found a better program for email
> yet.

	Check out the new M2, written from scratch, innovative email
 client for Opera http://www.opera.com/support/helpfiles/m2tutorial.html
 (it is rough explanation of some of the main features, with pictures).

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