[Introspective] help please, audio files - Radio 2 2002

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There is still an archived page about Really on the BBC website


It also mentions a live chat with the boys – did any Introspective members take part?

From: Derek BD 
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I don't know ..Really?  I though it was familiar but I as thinking of About PSB from 1996, which was 2 hour long parts.

My mp3 cd follows: I must qualify the list since it is weighted to the more current b-sides and such, since I need to get to know them. Also there are plenty of other worthy songs that had to be squeezed out. I have actually made about 5 versions in the past 2 years or so. The majority of the tracks remain but I do some shifting about and a few substitutes. 
(You'll see my "numbering" system allows me to make changes and keep the loose chronological order of the tracks; and I have 1 unofficial remix.)

A1West End girls - live Nightlife tour 2000
A2Opportunities (let's make lots of money)[full length orig]
A3Two divided by zero
A4Tonight is forever
A5A man could get arrested [7'' b-side]
B1n the night (remixed by Arthur Baker)
B5One more chance
B7What have I done to deserve this?
C0King's Cross
C1 want a dog
C2Domino dancing (base mix)
C3I'm not scared
C5So sorry, I said - demo For Liza
C6One of the crowd
C7Left to my own devices (Frankie Knuckles Royal Piano)
C8Generic jingle
C9So hard (9inch edit)
D1t must be obvious
D3Being boring
E1This must be the place I waited years to leave (extended)
E2My October symphony
E3Only the wind
E4We all feel better in the dark (after hours climax)
E5Nervously-The end of the world
E6Where the streets have no name (I cant take my eyes off you)
E7How can you expect to be taken seriously? (classical reprise)
E8DJ Culture (extended mix)
F1 Want to wake up (Johnny Marr 1993 remix)
F7Violence (Hacienda version)
F8The theatre
G1 wouldn't normally do this kind of thing (Voxigen mix)
G2Forever in love
G4We Came from Outer Space
G5Paninaro '95
G8How I learned to hate rock 'n roll
H1t always comes as a surprise
H2Up against it
H5The view from your balcony
H7Saturday night forever
L0To step aside (the 'sexier than Madonna' anthem)
L1Delusions of grandeur
L2Searching for the face of Jesus
L3For your own good call me tonight
L4Closer to Heaven
L5For all of us (piano version)
L6Was it worth it - live Nightlife 2000
L7Friendly fire
L8You only tell me you love me when you're drunk
M1 didn't get where I am today
N1A little black dress - demo
N2Positive role model - demo
N3Home and dry (Sixtywinter's disco sonata)
N4Closer to Heaven (slow version)
N5You've got to start somewhere
N6If looks could kill
N7Break 4 love (USA club mix)
N8Try it (I'm in love with a married man) (7'' Almighty)
N9Sexy northerner
P0Time on my hands
P1Somebody else's business (extended mix)
P2Love comes quickly (Blank & Jones mix)
P4Flamboyant (single mix)
P6Bright young things - demo
P7Home and dry (Blank and Jones remix)
P8London (genuine piano mix)
P9No time for tears (7'' mix)
PSB recent years & mp3cd
Q0After all
Q1Sodom (Trentemøller remix)
Q2Fugitive (Richard X extended mix)
Q3My girl - demo for Heaven 2008
Q4Love Etc
Q6Beautiful people (Vinny Vero single mix)
Q7The way it used to be
R0Did you see me coming
R1More than a dream
R2We're the Pet Shop Boys
R3King of Rome
R5This used to be the future
R6We're all criminals now
R7Viva la vida-Domino dancing
R8Glad all over
R9I cried for us
S2A certain 'Je ne sais quoi'
S3In his imagination
S4Baby - 2003 demo
S6Memory of the future
S7Requiem in denim and leopardskin
T0Leaving (PSB side-by-side remix)
T5One night
T7No more ballads
T8Odd man out
V0Axis (Boys Noize remix)
V3Love is a bourgeois construct
V5Inside a dream
V6Vocal (Outernationale remix)
W2Get it online
W3Vocal - instrumental
Z9Miracles (Lemon Jelly remix)

On 16 August 2015 at 15:33, Zvonko Nikolich <lureofthesea at gmail.com> wrote:

  Derek, thanks for sharing the Radio 2 live version.  It's great and I really hope someone here has the entire concert in higher quality.  Do you mind sharing a list of your 110 favorite PSB recordings?  You've always been a bit of an unofficial PSB audio librarian here to me and I'm intrigued to find out what you liked the most. 

  Speaking of low-quality recordings, does anyone have "Pet Shop Boys, Really"?  It's a captivating 2-hour BBC radio documentary with many PSB collaborators interviewed and I only have it in an appalling 16kbps. It includes a priceless snippet of Dusty Springfield explaining in her voice how PSB approached her for the very sound of her voice as well as Neil's and Chris's comments on coming out and the presence of ambiguous sexuality in their music.  This is the first half-hour block.  If anyone is hungry for the rest, let me know:

  From the official site:
  10 October 2003 - The full story (http://www.petshopboys.co.uk/news/35/200310)
  BBC Radio 2 in Britain (which gave "Miracles" its first play this morning) is broadcasting a two-part documentary about the history of the Pet Shop Boys enititled "Pet Shop Boys, really". As well as interviews with Chris and Neil the documentary includes contributions from many others involved in the PSB story, including Richard Niles, Pete Gleadall, Chris Heath, Janet Street-Porter, Sam Taylor-Wood, Stephen Hague and Trevor Horn. Fellow musicians including Johnny Marr, Bernard Sumner, Andy Bell and Marc Almond are also interviewed. Excerpts from PSB unreleased demos are included. The documentary is presented by Jonathan Ross and the first part will be transmitted on Radio 2 on Saturday, October 25 from 9-10 pm. The second half will be transmitted a week later.

  On Sat, Aug 15, 2015 at 9:47 PM, Derek BD <derekbd1970 at gmail.com> wrote:

    As soon as it started I knew it sounded very familiar. I have that recording on my compilation of favourite PSB songs (about 110 mp3s that fill a cd.) I ripped it myself from the dvd Montage. It's the Nightlife tour, which was when I first saw them live. Absolutely brilliant version.  

    The Radio2 concert I am seeking a better copy of has a more chilling version of WIWI?, part of the reason I desire better than 112kbps. 


    btw The 3rd cd single of You only tell me you love me when you're drunk has 3 live tracks (Drunk, AOMM, BB) recorded in Houston my first night, where I was dancing at the very front for 2+ hours. Magic!  While all their shows have been great none have matched that experience. 

    Be well and happy,


    On 15 August 2015 at 14:08, Matthew <Mlumb at waitrose.com> wrote:

      Very nice - do you know where this was recorded, and who the vocalists were?

      ---- Zvonko Nikolich wrote ----

      Hi Derek and Matthew,

      I have this live stripped down version of WIWI with soul vocals at 192kbps with Neil’s spoken intro (“here is a new version of a song we did about 10 years ago…”).  Unfortunately I can’t find any other tracks from the same concert.  



      > On Aug 15, 2015, at 10:52 AM, Matthew Lumb <mlumb at waitrose.com> wrote:
      > Hi Derek
      > Wow, that brought back good memories. I recorded these files from Radio 2 onto Mini Disc at the time - I've almost certainly still got the disc somewhere, so I just need to find something to play it on!
      > I've found a YouTube recording of the tour but it's not brilliant quality. I love the versions of Was It Worth It and Red Letter Day in particular.
      > Hope you manage to find a high quality recording, that would be fantastic!
      > Matthew
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      > Hi peoples,
      > I've been listening to a set of live tracks from the Release era that I've
      > had on my HD for some time. It's from BBC Radio 2, date 2002 04 06; I
      > assume this performance was along with their university tour of the UK at
      > the time. It includes great versions of Was it worth it? and Birthday boy,
      > among a set of 11 songs and an intro (12 files total). I noticed my files
      > are only 112kbps, which is kind of odd and inferior. Could anyone share
      > better quality of these with me, purrlease?
      > If you're after something unusual audio or visual let me know; I have a
      > decent collection, mostly well organized and labelled.
      > Cheers for any help, lovelies!
      > -- 
      > derekbd
      > "A man who does not think for himself does not think at all." - Oscar Wilde
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    "A man who does not think for himself does not think at all." - Oscar Wilde 


"A man who does not think for himself does not think at all." - Oscar Wilde 
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