[Introspective] Final results of poll on Elysium and the "L.A. sound"

Wayne Studer psbfan at earthlink.net
Sat Nov 17 22:13:57 PST 2012

The final results are in for my poll this past week, in which I asked my 
site visitors which "Elysium" track, in their opinion, best exemplifies the 
"L.A. sound" that the Pet Shop Boys were presumably looking for when they 
decided to record the album there. And the response that received the 
largest number of votes was:

* "I can't say since I have no idea what an 'L.A. sound' would sound like," 
picked by 27.4% of the voters.

Of the songs themselves, however, the one that received the most votes was 
"Leaving," selected by 13.4%. To see the complete results, please visit my 
"Commentary" site at http://www.geowayne.com/psbhtml.htm and click the "Past 
Survey Results" button in the navigation bar.

My new poll for the week ahead is an especially timely one in light of the 
fact that the Boys premiered on radio just this past week the Stuart Price 
single mix of "Memory of the Future." So I'm wondering what you think of it, 
specifically in terms of how you believe it compares to the original album 
mix of the song. Please take a moment to make your choice from the options 
provided there on my home page: which one comes closest to expressing your 
own opinion? (If you haven't heard the new mix yet for yourself, you may do 
so on YouTube. I have a direct link to it both on my home page and on my 
"What's New?" page.) Thanks to several of my site visitors (including Al and 
Terry, among a few others) who offered suggestions for very similar 
questions, although the "spin" I'm putting on it is slightly different from 
any of those proposals.

In the meantime, thanks as well to everyone who voted in last week's survey! 
And I wish you all a marvelous week ahead, as well as a very safe and happy 
Thanksgiving this coming Thursday to my fellow U.S. fans and anyone else who 
observes the holiday!


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