[Introspective] Final results of poll on Format tracks that are "misses"

Wayne Studer psbfan at earthlink.net
Sat Mar 3 22:09:04 PST 2012

The final results are in for my poll this past week, in which I asked my 
site visitors which tracks from "Format" they consider to be "misses" (as 
opposed to "hits"). And the track that received the largest number of 
votes -- that is, the "biggest miss" in the collective consciousness, so to 
speak, of my site visitors -- is:

* "The Former Enfant Terrible," picked by 28.8% of the voters.

And, not so incidentally, the track that fared best, receiving the *fewest* 
votes, is "No Time for Tears," which was declared a "miss" by only 2.3% of 
the voters.

To see the complete results, please visit my "Commentary" site at 
http://www.geowayne.com/psbhtml.htm and click the "Past Survey Results" 
button in the navigation bar.

My new poll for the week ahead is based on the notion, expressed quite often 
in recent years in the music industry, that the CD single is "dead" as a 
viable format. Now, I personally believe the Pet Shop Boys will continue to 
issue CD singles in "general release" for the foreseeable future. But let's 
assume for a moment that this is not the case. In case there are no 
general-release CD singles from the next PSB studio album, what alternate 
single format would you *most* prefer? Or would you prefer no single release 
at all? So please take a moment to check out the choices provided right 
there on my home page and place your vote. And thanks to Edwin Green for 
suggesting this question!

Thanks as well to everyone who voted in last week's survey! And I hope you 
all have a marvelous week ahead!


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