[Introspective] 1-song album

Paolo Bientinesi pauldj at cs.utexas.edu
Fri Oct 15 05:14:12 PDT 2010

 >> Don Ackerman wrote:

 >> It is nice to see some activity, isn't it?! ;)
 >> I'm excited about the new PSB album, but would love an
 >> ALBUM of new songs versus one song.
 >> Don

 > Derek BD wrote:

 > It won't be long until we have a double-album (I think)
 > of their new ballet score. I was suitably impressed
 > by Battlehsip P, so I much look forward to The Most
 > Incredible Thing.

I agree with both of you guys.
I don't quite see the point of another greatest hits release, and I 
absolutely love BP, so I'm quite hopeful for the ballet.


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