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Francisco fjjimenez73 at gmail.com
Thu Aug 26 09:54:37 PDT 2010


I'm in the middle of a researching and I'm looking for people who own this CD-R:

Home and dry.

CD5: 2002 BR (Rauland FM Acetate; 7878-5-85200-2 4) [radio promo]
      3:58  Home And Dry (radio edit)
      6:39  Home And Dry (blank & jones remix)
      8:12  Home And Dry (nb new bass mix) *
      4:35  Home And Dry (djht mix) *
     16:42  Ultimate PSB Megamix *
    [* produced by brazil radiostation 95.1 Mhz Rauland FM to celebrate "Release"; Rauland produced x50 
     copies to the first 50 people on Release Celebration Party in Belem (Brazil)]

This was a CD-R from Rauland FM radio station and it's a very limited issue.

I need to find someone who's got it in his hands because I need a real picture of the CD-R and its artwork.

I found a collector from Australia who kindly sent me a picture. But I need one or two more pictures to compare them with a copy that we're suspecting to be a fake.

I only have found pictures of the sleeve on "PSB Covers & quotations".

Thank you in advance. Your help will be very appreciated.



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