[Introspective] Final results of poll on listening to PSB albums all the way through

Wayne Studer psbfan at earthlink.net
Sat Oct 10 22:03:37 PDT 2009

The final results are in for my survey this past week, in which I asked my 
site visitors how often they listen to Pet Shop Boys albums all the way 
through, from beginning to end, as opposed to shuffled or excerpted tracks. 
And the response that received the most votes was:

* "Usually not. I generally listen to shuffled or excerpted tracks. Only now 
and then do I listen to a complete album," chosen by 29.5% of the voters.

To see the complete results, please visit my "Commentary" site at 
http://www.geowayne.com/psbhtml.htm and click the "Past Survey Results" 
button in the left navigation bar.

My new poll for the week ahead is another pretty simple one: Is it difficult 
to obtain Pet Shop Boys releases where you live? (You might be surprised by 
how challenging it can be for some fans. Then again, maybe you *wouldn't* be 
surprised.) Please take a moment to make your choice from the options 
provided right there on my home page. And thanks to Paul (aka Pablo M. from 
Argentina) for suggesting this question!

Thanks as well to everyone who voted in last week's survey! And I hope you 
all have a superb week ahead!


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