[Introspective] What have I done to deserve this?

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Sat Nov 1 04:34:47 PDT 2008

I didnt saw him but is tru he is so handsome as always and always he is a fantastic person and very friendly.

If I show a picture of myself i will have serious problems the next time i go to a psb concert , it is already so annoy to see people asking: are you lidia?

I am very ugly, why you want to see me? halloween was yesterday! LOL


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On 31 Oct 2008, at 21:35, Lidia wrote:Anyway everybody take care of their own things, weg seems to be losing control with their second single.

Next week I put Philanthropy on sell at my digital store, there will be a remix of cicero.

Yes Cicero is alive and still doing music, ignorants!!!! :D

I saw him on Never Mind The Buzzcocks the other week.  Did you?  He's piled on the pounds but is still as hot as they come.
Do you think he'd go for you, Lidia?  Why don't you show us a picture of yourself?  Some people reckon you're a bloke.
 --you only tell me you love me when you're drunk 

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