[Introspective] Final results of poll on songs to cut and add to "Nightlife"

Johan johan at ostergaard.org
Sun Mar 9 07:12:19 PDT 2008

I think it is rather subjective to praise the novelty value of Boy Strange
over that of Happiness is an option. Both sound partly like something other
artists have done before but they both also represent interesting musical
experiments for the boys. "Generic" is not bad when it comes to Pet Shop
Boys songs BTW :-)

With the new poll, I simply cannot fathom that anyone dislikes Love is a
catastrophe more than 'The Night I fell in love' which I consider PSB's most
embarassing song ever by a landslide. And of course, 'I didn't get where I
am today' is much too good to be left on a b-side, though it would perhaps
have felt a bit out of place on the album (while being the best song there).


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Andreas :
> So in general we can summarize these poll results as:
> "The average opinion of the Pet Shop Boys fan is to replace any 
> musically interesting song with a simple generic Pet Shop Boys song"

Looks that way, yes. Why anyone would prefer Happiness in an option to Boy
Strange is beyond me.

Worse, they are doing it again with Love is A Catastrophe in the new poll.


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