[Introspective] are you alive?

Kurt Foy Booker the-magician at magick-land.com
Thu Jan 17 09:58:05 PST 2008

Yes, I think so... but as I approach my 40th birthday in March, my 
days of gushing over music and bands are over... (Like, OMG!! That 
new single is so totally HoTT!!!)

And this list always lulls between albums.  (haha... I said 
"albums"... does that automatically age me?)

Some of you know I used to be the webmaster for Tower Records... I 
built the 2nd largest music database in the world (only Amazon is 
better... well, maybe Gemm).  (And although Tower the record chain is 
gone, the website still stands!  www.tower.com).  But when I ask my 
teenage niece to tell me her favorite bands, I don't recognize a 
single name!   Oh wait, I did like that My Chemical Romance album 
awhile back.

When I goto parties, I'm bumping and grinding with kids who weren't 
even born when I bought my first PSB 12".  Although I am gratified 
that one of the top local djs has put the Trentmoller mix of Sodom & 
Gomorrah in his set and played it at peak moments the last few 
parties I've attended.  But he plays it because it's Trentmoller, and 
not the Boys.

Even drugs are a once a year experience now... and always done under 
safe conditions with plenty of fancy equipment bought at REI and 
luxurious surroundings to keep one happy, healthy and high.  No more 
getting lost in the mud and freezing rain trying to find the party 
after the car has broken down.

Okay, enough of my pointless blather... I have an option spread on 
Feb gold I have to check on.

KFB :-)

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