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That really would be a good poll.  Pet Shop Boys choose their closing tracks very well.  I mean, "King's Cross" was just amazing. "Jealousy" may be their most touching and emotional.  "Go West" seems like their coolest, go-out-with-a-bang closing.  "Footsteps" is very homey and welcoming.  "Why don't we live together?" and "Saturday night forever" are just alright to me, and "Integral" kind of returns to an anthemic, Go West-style closing.

But for all of my love for "Jealousy," "King's Cross," and the rest, there's just something so beautifully simple, real, warm, and unforgettable about "You choose."  I never expected PSB to do this type of song, but they did, and did it wonderfully.  It's very American-sounding.  A "just sit a play it" kind of song.  Amazing.


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Although I hate to admit it, "You choose" is quite possibly the best closing track of any PSB album.  I'm not kidding.
Good poll question that, Wayne, if it hasn't already been asked : best beginning and best closing tracks of all PSB albums... Would be a tough one to call!

It reminds me of a friend who used to assess that you can judge the quality of a record by its last track. If the last tracks's good, then the album should be good overall. Simplistic, but often true IMHO...


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