[Introspective] PSB DJ mix update

Hugh Sharpe hjs15 at columbia.edu
Sat Feb 16 01:40:42 PST 2008

Hello, all.  Thanks to you all for checking out my mix over at 
mydjspace.net.  It got over forty listens and seventeen downloads  last 
time I checked.  Unfortunately, for the past day or so that site has 
been down and the link only returns a blank page.  As a result, I've 
moved my mix over to a new hosting site called beatspro.com.  This new 
site doesn't offer streaming playback, only downloads, but allows me 
enough bandwidth to post both parts at the same time so it's a pretty 
good trade-off as far as I can tell.  Anyhow, here are the links for the 
two mixes: 

Disco Forever - part one:  http://beatspro.com/node/269

Disco Forever - part two:  http://beatspro.com/node/270



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