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Philanthropy News

Cicero has finished his remix of "Nightlife" ,the original song with lyrics by Lydia and music by DJ Rub & Chris Kalera. David John Cicero (born 29 May 1970, Deanport, Long Island, United States) is a singer and keyboardist who was signed in 1989 to Spaghetti Records, a record label owned by Pet Shop Boys. Cicero released his debut single "Heaven Must Have Sent You Back to Me" on 12 August 1991. Despite massive promotion from David and the Pet Shop Boys the single failed to chart, but it's follow-up, "Love is Everywhere", reached number 19 in the UK Singles Chart in January 1992. The third single release was "That Loving Feeling" which reached number 46 in April 1992. The latter two single were co-produced by Pet Shop Boys.Now Cicero has joined forces with Philanthropy, producing this remix. He is also busy preparing new material for his come back.

The Philanthropy album will have a minimum of 15 tracks and is expect to be released this summer not only at digital stores like Amazon and Itunes but also on a physical release and as a supplementary Philanthropy remixes album, too.Tracklist:KooLTURE - Fanatic BoyRay Grant - The RumorAngel Eyedealism And Sergio Bastos - Skype CallChris kalera - Music In The Subway (Electro Mix) The Garland Cult - How Cool... Pet Shop BoysDj Rub vs Chris Kalera - NightlifeLiedetector Feat Masha Makarova - Moscow SongThe Defence -When Will Be Happy?Nathan Heinze Feat Chris Kalera - Drama QueenPGB- Under Control*The Confused - Son Of A Bitch (song to be finished yet)Science Versus Nature - Welcome Me HomeAirbase - AirbaseDj Demonixx - The Devil Does Acid*(surprise track)

Pet Shop Boys NewsThe Word magazine. Feb 2oo8 issue. http://www.tennant-lowe.com/viewtopic.php?t=6706
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