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Fri Feb 1 07:55:55 PST 2008

go to official site, section products, section exclusive tracks and there it is. 1 minute psb ringtone LOL*******************************************************.::www.petshopboys-fans.com::.The First Petheads Charity Electronic AlbumJust for fun, Just to help :)> Date: Fri, 1 Feb 2008 15:55:32 +0100> From: pierre at tchitchaaa.com> CC: introspective at lists.jameslick.com> Subject: Re: [Introspective] Transfer> > Roy Tapping a écrit :> > I've just heard Transfer for the first time. It's wonderful. If the > > next album sounds anything like this, it may go on to be my favourite > > Pet Shop Boys masterpiece ever!> > What on Earth is that Tranfer thing?> > --> Pierre (curious)> _______________________________________________> introspective at lists.jameslick.com delivery to lidiapsb at hotmail.com> http://lists.jameslick.com/mailman/options/introspective/lidiapsb%40hotmail.com> http://lists.jameslick.com/mailman/listinfo/introspective
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