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many thanks for this!
if you know more please post here with the links to their sites ;)*******************************************************.::www.petshopboys-fans.com::.The First Petheads Charity Electronic AlbumJust for fun, Just to help :)

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In case anyone is interested in a contemporary German band that sits on the musical continuum somewhere near PSB, I wanted to share the name of a duo I've discovered lately and am excited about:    Wolke     (In English, it means "Cloud".)
One plays the piano and beatbox, the other sings and plays the bass.  And they have a deft hand with the electronics.  They've made three albums, an EP, and a single with a remix, all available for download in the US on Amazon and iTunes (and UK iTunes).  Happily enough, my favorite record is their newest, Teil 3 ("Part 3"), which just came out in March, but I'm fond of all three.
Nice voice, nice piano, nice compositions, and they seem to have a similarly intellectual approach to pop as PSB.  (Watch their video for "Second Hand Gefühl" ("Second-hand emotion") on MySpace http://www.myspace.com/weginsnichts to see them at their PSB-est.  ("Kleine Lichter" ("Little lights") is cute, too.))
They're my favorite discovery of the year.  See if you like them, too..
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