[Introspective] Poll on Chris's & Neil's comparative contributions ends soon

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no, I have sense of humour. and you?*******************************************************.::www.petshopboys-fans.com::.The First Petheads Charity Electronic AlbumJust for fun, Just to help :)

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neil dont make nothing, who do everything is chris and he even sing. You dont know this but chris at shows is singing but with the mouth closed and neil just move his mouth to pretend. this is the big psb secret, neil dont do nothing :D! now seriously, thanks chris we have great music and lyrics. dont forget neil love clasical music, all the songs wiouth chris will be so fucking bored like "love is a catastrophe". NEILCITO I FOUND A THING FOR YOU AT CHRISTMAS AND FOR KEVIN, I HOPE YOU CAN FIND A GOOD USE FOR IT AND DONT GET MAD WITH ME, ONE AGAIN!! :) To see the gift:http://www.tennant-lowe.com/viewtopic.php?p=74015#74015 :D
Are you insane? 



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