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the artists dont get payed, it looks like you dont read. the artists has donate 1 tracks for philanthropy, the remixes are a diferent thing and separate from philanthropy and there the artists get payed a little % and also the remixers.
I am going to put you an example "absolutely fabolous" was a song donate for a charity but i dont think psb donate the money from the remixes too, in our case we donate also a % of the remixes.
psb has performed in places and get payed and also a % of the tickets went to a charity, it looks in our case it is diferent when we are doing the same as them.
*******************************************************.::www.petshopboys-fans.com::.The First Petheads Charity Electronic AlbumJust for fun, Just to help :)

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Personally I much prefer a dignified silence to this sort of drivel.
And a charity album where the artists get paid to participate - that's a novelty :-)

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thats why i did,  this list is died and sometimes need some movements.*******************************************************.::www.petshopboys-fans.com::.The First Petheads Charity Electronic AlbumJust for fun, Just to help :)

Date: Mon, 19 Nov 2007 10:49:26 -0800From: rhalton at gmail.comTo: lidiapsb at hotmail.comSubject: Re: [Introspective] information for ignorantsCC: introspective at lists.jameslick.comReally - No-one on here was speaking about it..
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It is a site of a charity album  done by others pet shop boys fans but it looks the fan base is very separate and some fans are more importants than others. all that points are necesary, some people is saying big lies about this album and dont going to be in silent. This mail list is to speak about psb and I did.*******************************************************.::www.petshopboys-fans.com::.The First Petheads Charity Electronic AlbumJust for fun, Just to help :) 

From: cjr421 at hotmail.comTo: lidiapsb at hotmail.com; introspective at lists.jameslick.comSubject: RE: [Introspective] information for ignorantsDate: Mon, 19 Nov 2007 12:42:54 -0600Lydia - your rants are becoming annoying and tiresome.  The only time you post is to either a) post a defensive tirade or b) try to drive people to your website.  Stop airing your dirty laundry on the list for everyone to see because frankly, we couldn't give 2 shits.  

From: lidiapsb at hotmail.comTo: introspective at lists.jameslick.comDate: Mon, 19 Nov 2007 18:07:49 +0100 Subject: [Introspective] information for ignorants1.- the name pet shop boys is written with * in  philanthropy because it is registered and to write their name i need permission from them and I know perfectly they will not give me so we decided to write better with *, everyone can understand the name and there will be no problems. 2.-psb didnt demand us,  listened the songs, had an opinion or something at all, we just dont exist to them. 3.-kids first hereford exist and here is the site with the info:http://www.kidsfirsthereford.org.uk/index.htmand markie e-mail: markie at kidsfirsthereford.org.uk  4.- A large percentage of the profits obtained from digital downloads/sales will go to "Kids First Hereford", a British charity association run By Mark Price, another PSB's fan. Remixes of "The Rumor", "Skype call" and "Fanatic Boy" will be available in December. Profits from the remixes sales will go to both charity association and remixers/artists. (the psb  has performed in severals charity events and donate just  % of the tickets butnobody said nothing and  all  was  fine, here looks like we are doing a crime)  5.-Before speak get informed.  If you have more questions please contact me or markie.  PHILANTHROPY IS OUT AT BEATPORT.COM
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