[Introspective] The Silver Phoenix didn't see the show?

Silver Phoenix silverphoenix at rcn.com
Sat Oct 28 15:29:24 PDT 2006

Sad, isn't it? It's partly due in fact to the lack of people I would have gone with. 
I wasn't about to take a solo trip to NYC for a concert by my lonesome. Btw, 
who all has bought the boys' live album, "Concrete?" I am not a big fan of live
albums but if the quality is good I may buy it. Any opinions?

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  The Silver Phoenix didn't even go to the show?! Arg!  What's happening to the old members of the list?  I, too, was on Introspective in my 20's in the 90's and it was so happening!  I also took a few years reprieve... you know, raise a family, work... but it's always a great source for information, especially when a tour's going on!!!

  See yah,
  Christen (West End Girl)

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