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>  Traveling to Paris France in a couple of weeks.   Any good record Shops
> in Paris to fine collectables of PSB?

Lucky Records, rue de la Verrerie, very close to Beaubourg cultural centre
(in which there are currently, incidentally, very interesting exhibitions).

You have to pay them a visit. They have a good stock of rarities, but not
necessarily affordable. As well as some signed items.

There is another nice shop to go to, close to this one, esp. for vinyls, but
I don't remember its name and address and don't have the info right here at
the office. I'll post about it tonight.

If you're into buying other pop/rock/electronic/experimental cds, you MUST
go to
Jussieu music, rue Linné, near the Jardin des Plantes
Gibert, boulevard Saint-Michel, near the invaded Sorbonne

I don't know if there are Parisian ppl here but feel free to ask more info.
I know Paris quite well, having lived there for one year

Gilles (who still hasn't listened to I'm with stupid and is quite reluctant
to, btw)

"Vivre, c'est lutter contre les démons du coeur et du cerveau"
(Henrik Ibsen, Lettre à Passarge)
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