[Introspective] Fundamental postphoned to May!

Kurt Foy Booker the-magician at magick-land.com
Mon Feb 6 11:59:10 PST 2006

Thanks for the info... I've been wondering why it was so quiet as well.

After 20+ years listening to the boys, I think I can deal with 
waiting another month or two...

20+ years!!!

I think I've been on Introspective 10 years now.


kfb :-)

At 8:35 PM +0100 2/6/06, TheGardner wrote:
>Just thought today, it's was time to bother EMI Germany the first time about
>'Fundamental' and 'Minimal' promos for a possible competition on my page,
>and got the following info:
>- Fundamental can't be released in April and is postphoned in mid-May (or
>maybe end of May)
>- Minimal also will not come out already in March. A new possible release
>date is setup for mid-April.
>They don't give me any details, why all is postphoned, but I heard through
>the grapewine there are problems with the artwork. Not sure though if this
>is true fact.
>So thats the reason, why it is so damn quiet at the time.... Assume we have
>to wait a bit more!

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