[Introspective] Fundamental postphoned to May!

Martin Rossini Martin.Rossini at unilever.com
Mon Feb 6 11:50:10 PST 2006

man, thanks for this email! it's really inside information, which spank me like
a sadomaso-bitch!!! I will have to wait an EXTRA 1-1/2 month!!!!

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Just thought today, it's was time to bother EMI Germany the first time about
'Fundamental' and 'Minimal' promos for a possible competition on my page,
and got the following info: 

- Fundamental can't be released in April and is postphoned in mid-May (or
maybe end of May) 
- Minimal also will not come out already in March. A new possible release
date is setup for mid-April. 

They don't give me any details, why all is postphoned, but I heard through
the grapewine there are problems with the artwork. Not sure though if this
is true fact. 

So thats the reason, why it is so damn quiet at the time.... Assume we have
to wait a bit more!

Cheers Steffen
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