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Fri Dec 30 12:19:15 PST 2005

... and to synchronize video contents and audio, or to add subtitles, etc., you could use a good video editor like pinnacle liquid...

Monochromatic Man <pudgiepig en yahoo.com.au> escribió: Yes, play the movie with the sound down and play the
cd at the same time.


Take the dvd, rip the contents to your computer and
with one of the many dvd burning programs available,
add PSBs audio to the video, burn the disc and there
you go...

--- Elisabeth Connan 

>  Hello Petheads,
>   and Happy New Year!
>   I just started listening to the score of
> Battleship Potemkin and I was  wondering if it's
> possible to see the film and listen to the music at 
> the same time to have the real experience?
>   Did someone try that or know how it works?
>   Thanks in advance
>   Elisabeth

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