[Introspective] Re: We all feel better... x Beat Dis

John Turpin justified_type at mac.com
Sun May 2 13:52:50 PDT 2004

At 6:10 PM -0300 5/1/04, Two divided by zero wrote:
>Two divided by zero wrote:
> > The sample saying "Pump that body" that appears on "We all feel better..." is
>> the same that appears on the mega hit "Beat Dis" from Bomb the Bass. The only
>> difference is that the boys have turned some notes (probably an octave) down.
>> When I first listened to "We all feel..." I knew I listened that sample
>> somewhere else. :)
>My mistake. Is "Pump that baby" the sample. I think. :)

It's a sample from Original Concept's "Pump that Bass". :) Used in M/A/R/R/S' "Pump Up the Volume" and lots of other tracks.

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