[Introspective] File for download for another 2 days...still not perfekt, though

Gilles G. gilles at etherreal.com
Wed Jul 21 02:32:00 PDT 2004

At 16:56 -0700 20/07/04, Kurt Foy Booker wrote:
>At 1:39 AM +0200 7/21/04, Cato Saele wrote:
>>Besides, it works with IE, and thats what 95% of all users have got already.
>I use IE and it doesn't work for me.

same for me. a pity :o(

who plans to go and see the trevor horn tribute show on nov. 11th?
the cheapest price is about £ 40 with fees included, that's quite a lot I think...

but me & my friends should definitely be in london on sept. 12th!

np suede - sci-fi lullabies
"why did I listen to that music, it's made me feel so sad
and brought it home to me once more
I want what I cannot have"
(pet shop boys - I didn't get where I am today - 2004)

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