[Introspective] Demo (Here, with Neil swearing)

Kurt Foy Booker the-magician at magick-land.com
Tue Jan 27 14:02:43 PST 2004

Thanks for the link... I have this track, but it is the mix of 
"Something Special" and "Home" (which later became "Here" on the 
Release album).  It is the beginning, "Something Special" part of the 
track where Neil swears.

This is a great track... Here is one of my favs by the boys.


At 5:12 AM +1100 1/28/04, Pudgie Pig wrote:
>Oops my error,
>Actually it's 'Here', but he still says 'fuckin' in
>I found this right before Home And Dry was released.
>It was mis-titled as Home and Dry. I thought at the
>time 'How odd this for the single?'
>I've put it up on my site for the day:
>  --- BradShaw6 at aol.com wrote: > pudgiepig at yahoo.com.au
>>  Remember the demo of 'Home' where Neil is swearing?
>>  No!  Tell me more (please)...
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