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On Tue, 27 Jan 2004 16:14:55 +0100
 "Gilles G." <gilles at etherreal.com> wrote:
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> >Pets,
> >
> >I have a question.  How do these infamous demos even get
> out onto the internet?  If the PSB are so concerned about
> their unreleased tracks getting out, then why do they let
> them?  It's obvious that SOMEONE has inside connections
> to the PSB recordings and is letting these gems loose.
>  It must be frustrating for the PSB, but shouldn't they
> consider who could be working for them who has let their
> sacred demos out?  I have always wondered about who is
> tight enough with the PSB to have access to their most
> rare material.  Hmmm....
> good point, no bloody idea. but it's cool. 

As a point of comparison, this happens with most artists,
especially ones with diehard collector fan bases. I was a
huge Prince collector from 1984 on and I have as much
unreleased Prince music between never released songs,
demos, alternate versions, etc. as I do the released stuff.

It was always speculated he leaked a lot of it out because
his record company didn't release stuff as fast as he would
like but from talking to people who worked for him or at
his studios the leaks often come from people around him and
I'm sure it's the same with the Pets. Former bandmates or
people who played on a track, producers, engineers, some
dork in the studio who comes across a tape, somebody at the
record company, you'd be surprised at who gets ahold of
stuff then leaks it. The more people around the liklier
something will leak out without the Boys having any
knowledge of it. It's no surprise that once Prince did away
with major labels and started handling everything himself,
the unreleased studio material has basically come to a
halt. I used to be able to get work in process versions of
his future albums back when he was on Warner Bros. and then
compare it to the finished product when it came out. It was
cool as hell. A lot of times artists have no clue this kind
of stuff is happening because of all the people with access
to the tapes that they don't know about, my guess is the
Pets would put a stop to it if they knew where it was
coming from. 



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