[Introspective] About "About": Bobby O and the NY Electro phase of Pet Shop Boys.

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Tue Jan 20 19:22:08 PST 2004


I've bought "About" (the PSB documentary by Chris Heath and Lucy Armitage,
and broadcasted in Radio One) a few years ago in 1997. But I've never had it
a proper listen. And today I was listening to it again and wow! There's a
lot of good stuff in it. Specially the part when they adress they're early
days demoing with Bobby O. I just loved the Bobby O versions of "West End
Girls" and (more) "Let's make lots of money".

The chorus part in the latter is different, sung in an octave below. This
makes the song sound more moody and dark, less pop. The bridge between the
chorus and verse in "West End..." in the Bobby O version has an 808 cow bell
percussion that was later replaced by a normal cow bell in the Stephen Hague
version. Ok, Stephen Hague's is more classic, timeless track. But Bobby O's
it's more raw, underground, NY electro. Which appeals more to me. And what
about "P.A.S.S.I.O.N"? Great hi-NRG/Italo-disco tune. I've never heard
before. I'm in love with it. So minimal and big. I liked also the "One more
chance" and "Rent" early versions.

Anybody ever listened the Bobby O version of "Try it"? Is it nice?





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