[Introspective] So Hard UK CD single and The Daily TelegraphCloserTo Heaven CD now for sale on ebay

le duc d'armadale rtapping at btopenworld.com
Sun Jan 18 20:43:03 PST 2004

Could you stop doubleposting your advertisements, please? Also, perhaps the list administrator can tell us if these things are even allowed here?

Perhaps there's something wrong with your email program as I only ever send the email to Introspective once.

I'm sorry if you find my announcements offensive, just thought that some people here might be after the things that I have two of or no longer need.  If you don't wish to receive my emails, why not just set up a message rule (presuming you use Outlook Express) to send all my emails direct to the trashcan or whatever?  I'm sure other email programs give this option too.


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