[Introspective] Good news...

aem aem4162 at woh.rr.com
Fri Jan 16 07:46:11 PST 2004

screw the musical!!!!!!  i want a WORLD TOUR!!!!!!! YAYYYY!!!!!

oh boy....just think of it!!!!!  europe, north america, south america, asia,
australia...places in between....

a world tour would be TOO COOL!!!!!


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> The other project MIGHT be another Musical or........a World Tour. :)
> M
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> Hey all,
> Neil didn't answer any of the two questions I asked this month, but among
> answers he firmly confirms that Flamboyant will be released as a single,
with a
> Tomcraft extended mix. They're shooting the video right now and Neil
> it will be fantastic.
> Apart from that he says they're busy working on new songs for the next
> out in 2005 (hope we'll get something this year though...) and also on
> project". What might that be???
> Excellent news indeed!
> Gilles, still definitely hooked on Flamboyant

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