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> >I think Miracles is one of the best PSB tracks ever...
>Oh, yeah, see, I disagree.
>While I was quite enamored with it at first, I now find it to be just too
>sweet for my taste.  Not Erasure sweet, of course, but more of a dark moody
>PSB shell with a sweet candy center inside.  When I first bit I thought
>"cool," "vintage," "stunning.."  but now that I've chewed on it a while I
>think I want to spit it out for fear of the calories.  Am I making sense?
>Probably not.

I agree with you. I'd written it off completely after hearing 2 unofficial 
remixes, the radio mix, extended mix and Lemon Jelly mix. Then I heard the 
Eric Prydz mix..., and also the Lemon Jelly mix has grown on me too.

> >but I think that the Eric Prydz mix gives Miracles a darker, driving feel
>and when played out
>Disregarding my lack of love for Miracles (it's good, just not great) I
>think the Prydz mix has two flaws:
>It's too short.

At 7 and a half minutes?

>It's too much like the original.

Nothing wrong with that IMO.

>Yes it's dark and yes it has nice sounds, but it's as if all he did was 
>up the Vocals and lay them on new music.  Better. Contemporary. More club
>friendly. But not very exciting. (for me.)

At least he used quite a lot of the song, unlike a lot of remixes these 
days. And that bassline kicks arse!

> >Yep--apparently Neil is committed to the single and stated on PSB
> >online that Tomcraft has done a mix.  Not sure how I feel about
> >Tomcraft.
>No opinion.  I've been out of it for much too long.  What was their 

Loneliness. You can't have not heard it.

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