[Introspective] RE: Please liberate me + Tomcraft mix of Flamboyant

Taratus, Lucas LTaratus at e-gatematrix.com
Tue Jan 13 16:00:28 PST 2004

>I think Miracles is one of the best PSB tracks ever...

Oh, yeah, see, I disagree.  

While I was quite enamored with it at first, I now find it to be just too
sweet for my taste.  Not Erasure sweet, of course, but more of a dark moody
PSB shell with a sweet candy center inside.  When I first bit I thought
"cool," "vintage," "stunning.."  but now that I've chewed on it a while I
think I want to spit it out for fear of the calories.  Am I making sense?
Probably not. 

>but I think that the Eric Prydz mix gives Miracles a darker, driving feel
and when played out

Disregarding my lack of love for Miracles (it's good, just not great) I
think the Prydz mix has two flaws:

It's too short.
It's too much like the original.

Yes it's dark and yes it has nice sounds, but it's as if all he did was pick
up the Vocals and lay them on new music.  Better. Contemporary. More club
friendly. But not very exciting. (for me.)

>Yep--apparently Neil is committed to the single and stated on PSB 
>online that Tomcraft has done a mix.  Not sure how I feel about 

No opinion.  I've been out of it for much too long.  What was their breakout


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