[Introspective] Please liberate me

Richard Firth firthy2002 at hotmail.com
Mon Jan 12 20:17:54 PST 2004

I don't think it (the 7" mix) is that bad, I think the rap is cool.

Also, does the 12" mix actually contain any of the actual song? I've only 
heard the snippet on Disco 2, which just has the rap bit.

And the Eric Prydz remix of Miracles heals all wounds. Can't get enough of 

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>Subject: [Introspective] Please liberate me
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>I'm listening to the E-Smoove mix of Liberation.  MY MY MY what a joke!  
>It's a shame that rap is in it, otherwise it's not too bad of a house 
>track.  But that line... "I used to think love was kinda dumb, now I know I 
>gotsta get me some".... WHAT?!  LOL!!
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