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I don't get it.

Michael Musto writes a gossip column for the Village Voice.  Beige is a club 
(Tuesdays at B-Bar) in NYC that Michael goes to.  Last week Neil saw Michael 
at Beige after Neil had seen the Christmas Show at Radio City Music Hall and 
there must be a camel on stage during the Nativity scene, Neil thought the 
camel was going to take a dump during the show.

I just thought it was a cute item, and don't we want to know everything?

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Michael Musto included this in his column in this week's Village Voice:

What was Beige like last week? (Insanely fabulous, especially when Pet Shop
Boy Neil Tennant leaned over to tell me, "I just saw the Radio City
Christmas show and loved it! I kept thinking the camel would take a shit,
but it didn't.")

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