[Introspective] Mix(ed)

Pudgie Pig pudgiepig at yahoo.com.au
Thu Jan 8 06:15:59 PST 2004

I've gone ahead and made a continuous mix cd from
I also added two tracks.

Here's what I came up with (in beat order):
Love comes quickly (Blank and Jones mix)
West End Girls (Sasha mix)
What have I done to deserve this (Shep Pettibone
mix)So hard (David Morles Red Zone mix)
Miserablism (Moby Electro mix)
Before (Danny Tenaglia Classic Paradise mix)
Here (PSB new extended mix)
Can you forgive her				
Was It Worth It (twelve-inch mix)
Young Offender (Jam and Spoon Trip-o-matic Fairy tale
I don't know what you want but I can't give it any
more (Peter Rauhoffer New York mix)
New York City boy (Lange mix)

The Boys should have done 'Mix' in a continuous mix
format. Unless they still have reservations after

my 2p...


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