[Introspective] new single?

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Mon Jan 5 21:15:00 PST 2004

The Virtual One wrote:

> On Mon, 5 Jan 2004, Tom Davies wrote:
>> never, hopefully.
> I have to agree unfortunately :-/ - Miracles is a great tune, but it's
> not single-quality, and Flamboyant is hardly even album-quality -
> don't think anyome but the fans will care about it...
> /Mats

I agree completely. I like Flamboyant but it's miles away from tunes like Go
West, or even "You only tell me..."

It was the same case when they released Discography. DJ Culture and Was it
worth it? were totally out from the other tracks.

Altoght I prefer Miracles and Flamboyant rather some singles from Nightlife
and Release.




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