[Introspective] My Robot Friend.

Taratus, Lucas LTaratus at e-gatematrix.com
Sun Jan 4 21:51:15 PST 2004

Good find!   I love the track still too, although maybe a bit less knowing
the truth.  I think this track is the BEST PSB COVER EVER, serioulsy, and
one of their best tracks too.  It's perfect PSB.


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It looks like their b-side is a rework of a demo in a 'Yamaha' DJ
Check this link out.. (We're the Pet Shop Boys.. Miracles b-side).
The Keyboard - http://www.yamahadjx.com <http://www.yamahadjx.com> 
The Demo -
I wonder if N&C knew about this before they rerecorded the track?
I love it though however it was made!

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