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Smiley smileyweb at yahoo.co.uk
Sun Dec 5 06:24:38 PST 2004

hi folks - apologies for the (fairly) off-topic post, but i thought that a
few of my friends on these lists might like to know that:

after a fourteen hour marathon, starting at 3am on Sunday morning, November
28th, 2004...

...James George Frederick Sturt

was born at 4.42pm on Sunday, November 28th - four and a half weeks early! -
weighing in at a respectable 6lbs exactly.

despite the early appearance, mother and baby are both doing well, and came
home on Tuesday.

if you're wondering why he sounds like an English politician from the 1940s,
the two middle names are those of our late maternal grandfathers!

he is, of course, a very handsome young man - and the wife and i are both
over the moon (but VERY tired)...

all i have to do now is finish decorating his room - i was meant to be doing
that last weekend and this, but that plan got ripped up. ;-)

cheers, folks - i'm off shopping for a new camcorder...


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