[Introspective] PSB collectables up on eBay

Smiley smileyweb at yahoo.co.uk
Wed Aug 25 15:42:55 PDT 2004

evening folks.

sorry for the "i'm selling stuff!" message, but in preparation for the
arrival of my first child at the end of the year i'm having a "great summer
'04 clear out" (tm) to pay for all the stuff i'm having to buy...

...and i've posted a load of PSB and PSB-related items tonight that may be
of interest to some of you!

there are way too many to mention here, but they cover:

- fan club / promotional t-shirts

- promotional shop display stands (inc. a superb "So Hard" cut-out of the

- promotional posters

- promotional postcards

- all (i think) the limited edition cassette singles (ALL MINT) from
"Suburbia" in 1986 up to "Paninaro '95" - including Liza Minnelli and Dusty
Springfield PSB-related single releases

all have low starting bids, and no reserve prices, so grab a bargain while
you can!

you can check 'em all out here:


thanks folks. now back to your regularly scheduled programming...



ps. more stuff (vinyl and cds) will be appearing over the next few weeks,
and i'll post once they're up...

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