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Fri Sep 26 10:33:46 PDT 2003

ebrion at libertysurf.fr wrote:

> Hello everybody,
> Is there any way to get an MP3 of Miracles before the song is actually
> released? It's not very convenient to listen to it on the website, even if, I
> KNOW, it's a great gift they made to us.

You can download de miracles.swf, the file they used to turn the song
available in their website. It's not the easiest task to do and demands some
sort of web hack knowledgment. But, in other hand, it's not that difficult

In the link "listen here", click with your mouse right button (or
control-click, if you are a Mac user) and chosse "open link in new
window...". This will open a blank page and the song will be starting
loading. Choose in the main menu of your browser: View > Source. In this
text file that will appear, you can use the Edit > Find feature to find the
"miracles.swf" in the body of the text. Use the address that are stated
there and add with "www.petshopboys.co.uk" before it.


if it is written like it:

src="/flash/miracles.swf" the url that you are looking for is

Then you paste this url in your favourite download software (GetRight, etc.)
and just get the file. After all this, you can listen to it offline whenever
you want.



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