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Thu Sep 25 23:26:24 PDT 2003

Tom Davies wrote:

> Artists like Lady Tron, Miss Kittin, Hacker, Felix da Housecat, Golden boy
> are nothing but synthpop geezers and they are having massive success these
> days. Even Soft Cell released a new album last year and it has bringing a
> lot of good opinions about it.
> Massive success??!?!
> Only by their very modest expectations maybe.

Again, like I said before, success is a relative thing. If you compare the
sales of the artists mentioned above with the people like Christina
Aguillera or Britney Spears, they really had a minor success. But if you see
the media and the trends generated by such artists they are really in the
top of the pops. Even if this 'pops' is only a not so big underground
movement, but that are changing things very quickly.

Artists like Lady Tron, are signed with major labels like Virgin, and
artistis like Miss Kittin are being treated as popstars by the press and by
the people in a way never seen before.

The point is: The 80's are fashionable again, and very soon the major
artists of the record industry will be incorporing this into their music.
The very example is the song "American life" from Madonna. If you listen
carefully you will see a lot of electro influence in it.



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