[Introspective] Re: PopArt DVD

Visually69 at aol.com Visually69 at aol.com
Mon Sep 22 18:32:50 PDT 2003

Well, the only PSB videos that I think are good quality are:

Always on my mind
Heart (practically their best video)
Domino dancing
Being Boring
Where the streets have no name
Can you forgive her?

The rest of their videos aren't all that dreadful, but they tend to miss the 
mark, in my opinion. To me they don't live up to the song, either because 
there's something corny in the video or because the songs provide amazing 
potential for music videos which is never realized. Their songs are so good that most 
of their videos pale in comparison. PSB are MUCH better "On Tour" than on 

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