[Introspective] Omitted Singles...just 3?

Remark Communications remark at mac.com
Sat Sep 20 12:29:45 PDT 2003

Hey Fellow Pets,

After reading the excellent tracklisting of PopArt, it seems the PSB 
have left out just 3 singles:  "Was it worth it?", "Discoteca", and 
"London".  (I'm not including AbFab).  If this is the case, then I 
would say PopArt is a VERY comprehensive collection!  I think it's 
wonderful.  Oh--and I think that it's even better that the songs are 
not in chronological order.  I agree that if the songs were in 
chronological order, many people who buy the album would only listen to 
the first disc (all the stuff that was very popular).  By mixing it up, 
it adds variety to the sound.

And one more thing--if the "average" fan were to pick up the CD and see 
the "Mix" component, the remixer names alone would incite a purchase.  
All big names--Shep, Moby, Sasha, Peter, Jam and Spoon, Blank and 
Jones--seems like many people won't even know that the PSB worked with 
such a variety of remixers.

<remark, closer to heaven>

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