[Introspective] PopArt tracklisting!

Grant Whittingham grant at twistinthedark.net
Thu Sep 18 19:41:16 PDT 2003

Quoting Tom Davies <tom at awesome.uk.com>:
> > 1. The Pop / Art distinction seems rather artificial.  Why not in
> > chronological order like Discography?
> Because then the tracklisting would become a permanent record of their
> decline.

I don't think that they have declined at all.  They have produced some 
brilliant stuff in recent years and have really developed, not just churning 
out carbon copies of their earlier glories like other artists.  I love 
both "Nightlife" and "Release" as well as "Closer To Heaven".  And although I 
wasn't crazy about "Bilingual" at first, I have now fallen in love with that 
album too.

If you're referring to chart success, well they haven't had a number one for a 
while but they still manage to chart with all their singles.  While it may not 
be as high as it used to be, it is still quite respectable.

I love the Pop and Art distinction.  Lets face it, chronological is boring in 
its predictability and the Boys never like to be predictable.  What I like is 
that they have chosen the distinctions between the songs themselves which makes 
it more personal, rather than some boring record company exec.  I also like the 
fact that the Boys chose their favourite mixes.

I will definitely be getting the limited edition album.  It may not have much 
per se for fans but it's a greatest hits package so what does one expect?  This 
is for the masses.  But as far as greatest hits packages go, it has had a lot 
more thought gone into it.

The only thing I would have liked was "Absolutely Fabulous" and "Was It Worth 
It" but if they had run out of room then I guess those are the two that had to 
go.  I hope the videos for those two are on the DVD.

My two cents worth.  :-)


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