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Have just checked http://www.petshopboys.co.uk/ and have

PopArt: full details - 17 September '03

24 Parlophone/EMI will release internationally a double-CD of Pet Shop
Boys' hits: "PopArt". Since 1985, Pet Shop Boys have had 33 Top 20 hits
in the UK and they will all be included on "PopArt" plus two new tracks:
Miracles", the forthcoming new single, and "Flamboyant", a new song.

"Flamboyant" was written and recorded by Neil and Chris during the
summer and recently mixed with additional production by Tomcraft.

The songs are split between the two discs as either "Pop" or "Art", a
decision made by Neil and Chris (which will no doubt prove

A limited edition of "PopArt" will be made available, including a third
`CD, "Mix", which is Neil and Chris's choice of their favourite PSB

The artwork for "PopArt" was designed by Farrow.
Full track-listing is as follows

1. Go West
2. Suburbia (video edit)
3. Se a vida e
4. What have I done to deserve this?
5. Always on my mind
6. I wouldn't normally do this kind of thing
7. Home and dry
8. Heart
9. Miracles
10. Love comes quickly
11. It's a sin
12. Domino dancing
13. Before
14. New York City boy (U.S. radio edit)
15. It's alright
16. Where the streets have no name (I can't take my eyes off you)
17. A red letter day

1. Left to my own devices
2. I don't know what you want but I can't give it any more
3. Flamboyant
4. Being boring
5. Can you forgive her?
6. West End girls
7. I get along (radio edit)
8. So hard
9. Rent
10. Jealousy
11. DJ culture
12. You only tell me you love me when you're drunk
13. Liberation
14. Paninaro '95
15. Opportunities (Let's make lots of money)
16. Yesterday, when I was mad
17. Single-Bilingual
18. Somewhere

1. Can you forgive her? (Rollo mix)
2. So Hard (David Morales Red Zone mix)
3. What have I done to deserve this? (Shep Pettibone mix)
4. West End girls (Sasha mix)
5. Miserablism (Moby Electro mix)
6. Before (Danny Tenaglia Classic Paradise mix)
7. I don't know what you want but I can't give it any more (Peter Rauhoffer New York mix)
8. New York City boy (Lange mix)
9. Young offender (Jam and Spoon Trip-o-matic Fairytale mix)
10. Love comes quickly (Blank and Jones mix)

The U.S. release date for "PopArt" has not been decided yet.

Miracles happen in November - 17 September '03

Pet Shop Boys will release their first single for well over a year in
early November. The song is "Miracles" and was produced by and cowritten
with Adam F and Dan Fresh. Neil describes it as: "very beautiful, very
electronic". Strings for the track were arranged by Anne Dudley. Bonus
tracks on the CD1 release are: "We're the Pet Shop Boys", their cover
version of a song by My Robot Friend, and "Transparent". Remixes of
"Miracles" are being worked on now.



1. The Pop / Art distinction seems rather artificial.  Why not in
chronological order like Discography?

2. They referred to 'UK Top 20 hits', and so there is no 'Was it worth
it?' included which got to #24(?);

3. No 'Absolutely Fabulous' (perhaps not a surprise, really, as it
wasn't 'really' PSB);

4. The lyrics for 'Miracles' appear on http://www.petshopboys.co.uk/ ;

5. The notes mention 'No US release date decided', but I don't think we
have a _UK_ release date either?

6. Overall, not much here for the fans is there?  I think there is maybe
_one_ of the remixes that I don't possess;

7. Despite (6), I'll probably still _buy_ it :-)

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