[Introspective] Yay!

Gilles geez at swing.be
Sun Sep 7 18:08:46 PDT 2003

At 14:40 -0400 6/09/03, Fred Maus wrote:
>Hmm, the title "PopArt" seems really close to witless.  It's the first time one of their titles seemed less than brilliant to me.  Or am I missing something?
>I've always thought they were fabulous at titling, both songs and albums.  Jeez.

They still are, more than ever! This title is extremely witty, and sooo PSB-like. I'm relieved they write it this way, I never want two-words PSB titles. Here we have two words merged into one, so it's OK.

My guess is that such an "arty" title might prove attractive and sell copies. Hopefully.

And it's so cool to be granted a double-disc compilation. Can't wait for that and most of all for the DVD!!

Last but not least, excellent things can reasonably be expected from the collaborations planned with Trevor Horn, Chris Zippel and Adam F. All good news!!!

"Sometimes I stand in the middle of the floor
Not going left, not going right"
PSB - Losing my mind (1991, by Stephen Sondheim)

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