[Introspective] no more plain text?

Dave Ewart davee at sungate.co.uk
Mon Feb 17 20:12:01 PST 2003

On Monday, 17.02.2003 at 19:13 -0000, Matt Davis wrote:

> I'd just like to point out... before I get flamed by you all... That I
> did not send this e-mail... I've never heard of the person before and
> would love to know how this abuse can happen!?

Using a 'fake from' address is easy, sadly - it's just like putting a
different 'Sender' address on a conventional postal letter.  There's
nothing that stops someone doing this.

The only way to be really sure of the origin of a message is to use
digital signatures, and to only allow signed and verified messages out
on to a list such as Intro.  This is very simple in theory, but not
terribly easy in practice, especially on a large list.


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