[Introspective] need some help from you Guys

Ramzy Alwakeel ramzy at alwakeel.fsnet.co.uk
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Hmmmm...I personally would like to see scanned in issues of Literally, the whole things, or is that a bit much?  Also, more downloads of things like 'Got to start somewhere', and maybe those videos, of TOTP performances, and such.

Hope this is of help!
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  Need Your Help 
  As the Pet Shop boys moving from a Great and bigger site at the monet i'm on 30meg but now i'm moving to a new Place and Got over 100meg of space i would like your idea on what else could i Add Or would you like to see Added onto the www.petshopboys.net ?

  Please let me know as all Iedas are welcome and will be thought out.........

  Many thanks



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