[Introspective] Other producers

. RLD waxxxtrax at hotmail.com
Wed Feb 12 18:09:33 PST 2003

> > > For me, you can't beat Stephen Hague.
>I also like his work for Dubstar, great production.
>I would love PSB to go back to Bobby Orlando, but I'm not sure if he's 

Don't quote me on that, but Bobby O is still alive.

>I think it's time to release something kicking and cool... They hide too 
>these days. They should face the people again!
>(I must listen to "So hard" now) ;)

I think they face the people a lot more now that they have before.  Their 
live shows are much more interactive and I think they enjoy the audience 
very much.  They may not promote as much, but promotion doesn't have much to 
do directly with the public anyway.

I think they should make an album of nothing but instrumentals.  It could be 
different styles of music, but instrumentals only.  Or maybe they could have 
a 20-piece band and do it Sun Ra style.

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