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Tue Feb 11 20:27:57 PST 2003

To respond:

> From: "Phill" <Profoundgubbins at hotmail.com>
> well your copy of the disco 3 vinyl maybe, my copy has both of those 
> mixes,
> do you perhaps have the 2 12" promo edition?

Phill--you are correct.  I was misinformed.  It is the promo that lacks 
that mix.  I did pick up the official release and it has the extended 
mix.  And I have to agree with Daniel:

> From: "Daniel McCarthy" <dpmccart at artsci.wustl.edu>
> The extended mix of SEB on the D3 vinyl is pretty damn good. Those who 
> don't
> have a turntable will be relieved to know that it isn't quite as gooas 
> the
> short version of the song -- so you've got the definitive one -- but 
> it is
> darn good. It's a classics, 80's-style extended mix; different intro,
> different outro, and some synth lines have been substituted for 
> others. It's
> the perfect kind of remix, very close to the original but with 
> important
> variations spread throughout. It's not just the original with a 
> different
> beginning and ending tacked on, and its not something completely 
> different.
> It's a very old skool mix; everything about it is, but in a good way 
> (at
> least as far as I'm concerned).
> The dub mix of Here is less interesting. It's the trance remix minus 
> most of
> the vox. Nothing surprising.

I do think that the extended mix of SEB needs something more though--it 
is very much in an 80's style, but still a little short for my liking.  
I think it needs another 2 or 3 minutes worth of goodness.  I also 
think that the substituted synth line should have been left in there--I 
think it's one of the best assets of the shorter mix.  Ah well...

And for that "dub mix" of Here...boring.  It's not a dub, it's really 
an instrumental.

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