[Introspective] Where is the ext. mix of Somebody Else's Business?

Phill Profoundgubbins at hotmail.com
Tue Feb 11 15:52:47 PST 2003

well your copy of the disco 3 vinyl maybe, my copy has both of those mixes,
do you perhaps have the 2 12" promo edition?


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> This is still posted on PSB Online:
> "'Disco 3' will be released internationally by Parlophone/EMI in
> early/mid February. A limited edition, three-disc vinyl version will
> also be issued with an enhanced track-listing including an extended mix
> of 'Somebody else's business' and the WestBam remix of 'London'. Full
> details to be announced shortly."
> However, the Disco 3 vinyl does not contain this mix.  Anyone know
> what's up??
> <remark, laughing out loud>
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